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Apple Cider Vinegar and Weight Loss

For centuries, apple cider vinegar is in use for several health purposes. Different researches claim various benefits of health as lowering sugar levels in the blood.

What is apple cider vinegar?

Manufacturing of apple cider vinegar:

Manufacturing apple cider vinegar constitutes two steps for fermentation:

  • In the first step, apples are cut and combined with the yeast to convert their sugar to alcohol.
  • In the second step, there is an addition of bacteria in this solution for fermentation of alcohol to the acetic acid

Traditionally, it takes a month or more than a month for the production of apple cider vinegar. In some cases, manufacturers can add additional chemicals to accelerate vinegar production even in one day.

The main or active component of apple cider vinegar is acetic acid. This compound has a strong odour and sour taste. In most apple cider vinegar, there are traces of other acids like malic acid and water.

Benefits of apple cider vinegar for fat loss:

Acetic acid belongs to short-chain fatty acids, which tend to give hydrogen and acetate as a by-product.

According to a few pieces of evidence, apple cider vinegar can help in promoting weight loss/fat loss by:

Lowering levels of blood sugar:

Apple cider vinegar can improve the muscle and liver’s ability to take up blood sugar and consume it. It has a significant role in lowering the levels of blood sugar. Acetic acid also keeps evidence in reducing the insulin to glucagon ratio, favouring fat burning.

Reducing the storage of fat:

Our body can store fat inside it.

According to research, acetic acid can help with the protection from weight gain. Additionally, it can also help cut down on the fat storage in the belly/fatty liver. Another factor that aids in fat burning is gene expression. Acetic acid can increase the responsible genes for burning fat and prevent the buildup of the fat.

Improving metabolism:

Another research study showed that exposure to acetic acid could increase the quantity of enzyme as AMPK. This enzyme helps boost lipolysis (bat burning) and decreases sugar and fat production in the liver.

Reduced calories intake with apple cider vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar is associated with many benefits. It can induce a feeling of fullness and reduce the intake of calories.

According to research, a study population took high carb food with apple cider vinegar for some time. After one hour, those who took this meal were having 55% fewer values of blood sugar level than those who didn’t.

Additionally, the same group of people had 200 to 275 fewer calories with the apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar has a few appetites-suppressing properties. It also tends to slow down the rate of food travelling through the stomach.

Another study states that apple cider vinegar can have an efficient combination with a starchy meal. It showed a significant slowing down of stomach emptying. This process helps keep the stomach full, and the person doesn’t need to fill up the stomach again. In some cases, this slowing down of food (gastroparesis) can be harmful. But in these cases, you should stop taking apple cider vinegar if the problem persists.

Apple cider vinegar and weight loss:

According to statistics, apple cider vinegar can reduce body weight in a few months. One 12-week study states that consumption of 15-30 ml of vinegar daily had the following results in the obese Japanese patients:

  • 2-1.7 kg or 2.6-3.7 pound weight loss
  • 26% reduction in levels of triglycerides
  • 4-1.9 cm or 0.5-0.75 inches reduction in waist circumference
  • 7-0.9% decrease in the percentage of body fat

The population gained almost 0.4 kg or 0.9 pounds in the placebo effect, and their circumference increased.

Effect of apple cider vinegar on levels of cholesterol:

According to different researches, apple cider vinegar can increase good cholesterol levels as HDL in humans. It can lower the levels of triglycerides and bad LDL. Furthermore, apple cider vinegar can also help women suffering from PCOS and resumed their ovulation to 57%.

Decreased levels of cholesterol can also help with improving insulin sensitivity and hypertension. Apple cider vinegar can inhibit the enzymes, which are responsible for blood vessel constriction. Various studies on a small scale prove this effect of apple cider vinegar.


Apple cider vinegar has a history of medicinal uses. It is very effective for decreasing bodyweight and burning fat. Apple cider vinegar has other significant health benefits for lowering blood pressure and glucose levels. Before opting for a daily intake of vinegar, refer to your nutrition for any problem.

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